In the centre of every myth, every legend, every mystery, every story of magic – there is found, a gemstone…

Gifts and Ransoms of Kings and Queens…

There’s a very-valid reason why kings wore bejewelled crowns, bestowed their queens with jewels from top to toe, and had it on display during all diplomatic engagements and negotiating all matters of kings and countries – for a prominent statement of power, aristocracy and eminence.

There’s a very valid reason why emperors grabbed their gemstones first, when fighting wars, invading countries, or fleeing from their palaces – to pay ransoms, establish new kingdoms and form new alliances, to show they are worthy allies or ruthless, powerful enemies.

There’s a very good reason why wealthy merchants traversed from east to west on the Silk routes pioneering niches in new markets with treasures of silk, spice and gemstones – to bring value and meaning to people’s lives, to show status and prominence, and to create wealth and prestige.

Heritage and Heirlooms

Most ancient jewellery collections from prominent designers – are inspired by legacies left by prominent influences throughout the centuries, each with their own character and personality portrayed within their collection designs – specifically chosen to bring forth a certain feeling and experience of power, courage, prominence, influence, strength, image, reputation, acknowledgement and financial security.

A Rare Exquisite Investment

Gemstones are the most concentrated form of wealth known to man. A gem worth many-many pounds of gold fits in the palm of your hand, yet weighs less than a coin. A similar value in gold would be difficult to carry and nearly impossible to conceal. If you need a portable, non-detectable asset, gemstones are an excellent vehicle.

Gemstones took eons to create, a product of nature that no human can emulate… although many try but fail to exactly emulate the spirit captured in a gemstone.

Gemstones are an acquisition for eternity, they represent centuries of accumulated time, they are recorders of nature’s memory – they are fragments of history, and witnesses to millennia of evolution – and in essence, hold specific qualities that other commodities simply will never have.

Over centuries, gemstones have been admired and adored for their beauty and mythical qualities…

Gemstones have been the source of inspiration with an intoxicating allure that allows for a colourful playground for personal emotions and creative expressions. 

People of all countries, beliefs, languages and communities are enchanted by their marvelous use, feel and attraction, making a prominent statement of identity and self-esteem.

Wearing a beautiful gemstone – is like a gaze into a natural world of magnificence. Nothing can match the power and beauty of nature herself. A stone sourced from the earth takes you to a distant world of magic, mystique and reverie – an artistic experience that touch the spirit, soul and mind.

A product of this calibre, made by earth for earthlings, a living mineral organism that turn into a gem for the pleasure and adoration of man… is an honour and a pleasure.

Of all personal wealth items – gemstone jewellery is probably the most emotionally charged, loaded with meaning, and linked to personal events and moments, such as graduation, love, engagement, weddings, the birth of a child, anniversaries, performance, accomplishments, rites of passage, generational heirlooms and heritage, and sometimes just to show status and acclaim, financial acuity and wealth.

The real investment in jewellery and gemstones, is in beauty and sentiment. But, one of its most important characteristics – is its ability to endure… forever – a privilege not bequeath to man, but a divine energy they can pull from in an effort to acquire the same.

Because, it’s worn tightly to the skin, gemstones emanate their innate energy frequencies with slight impact on the mood and perceptions of the wearer.

That’s why RDL believes that gemstones are the planet’s most powerful and startling creations, one of the best displays of science and chemistry.

Each and every gemstone is thus carefully, skillfully and respectfully sourced, sorted, cut and fashioned to bring forth its greatest beauty and fascination, represented by the pure light they ignite, reflect, and transmit onto human skin.

Wearing gemstones brings reverence, longevity, prosperity, happiness, strength and a sense of completion and accomplishment. It heals the physique, removes misery and washes away depression…

It’s magical, powerful, and a personal companion for life.