& Not A Jeweller?

Better cost value – full control over the quality, colour and cut – incredible freedom of choice

High quality, beautiful lesser known gemstones are almost impossible to find in most stores, even though they are marvelous gemstones and totally worthy to be displayed in jewellery cabinets and window displays, they are simply not made available to the masses – which means, shopping at a retail jeweller limits your options.

The reason why retail jewelers stock only a small number of colored stones is that many varieties are in short supply and there’s simply not enough to supply the retail channel, so they don’t offer it as an everyday purchase.

The colored stones in commercial jewelry is usually low, even in high priced items from very reputable retailers, because the retailer’s focus is on the jewelry piece as a whole, not on the gemstone.

It is much safer to buy a loose stone than one already set in jewelry, because settings can hide inclusions in a gem and even change the color of the stone. Valuable gems should always be bought unmounted as gemological labs prefer to do their testing on unmounted stones for a more accurate report.

If you want to buy top grade natural gemstones, you will do much better by consulting a specialised gems dealer like RDL. You will also have a much greater selection of grades, colors, cuts and sizes, since RDL gem dealer network’s stock is probably much larger than the jeweler’s.

RDL gem dealers also routinely offer certification from recognised gemological laboratories for the stones – which is not yet customary in the retail jewelry business, except for diamonds.