When having to accept going grey

One of the most challenging things when getting older, is showing up in public with grey hair …

When that grey hair first appears, you get used to that one – but then come the next strands, then the many, and you may start to feel rattled, upset, confused and life suddenly seems daunting and overwhelming.

Those white strands creeping out, or that silver skunk line showing through at the roots, begging for another salon visit every third week, are enough to make you feel old, frumpy and washed out – and suddenly all your other imperfections are also amplified; you see the wrinkles the accumulating fat… sigh.

Going grey is about changing so much more than just grey hair color. It’s a journey from the suffocating need to be, or look forever young… to a life in which you accept it, where you finally go through this rite of passage, transitioning from the old world into the next stage of life – your third act.

This journey though, is fraught with emotions and feelings of anxiety, denial, dismay… but then you finally accept it and you either keep on dying your hair, or you let the grey grow out, showing up in the world with courage and pride, because grey is great.

As some religious scripts noted: “Gray hair is a glorious crown, worn by those who live a long, rewarding and righteous life.”

Inspiring words, befitting to those mostly who’ve reached advance stages of their lives. But it certainly does not ring true for those who go grey at a younger age who still have that fire in their step.

To be seen as old, even worse, outdated, is simply daunting, especially in a world where youth and beauty is punted around every corner. And even more upsetting, if you feel anything and everything but old.

So, for most people, the idea of showing up in life with grey hair is frightening, and involves a bit of an emotional and rocky journey.

Embrace this rite of passage – let grey become your best feature ever…

Whenever something changes or dies, it creates favourable conditions and opportunities for new life to grow.

This is true for the old giant tree falling in the forest that decomposes into rich soil for young seedlings to grow. It’s true for the frog egg that becomes a tadpole, for the worm that becomes a butterfly…

And it’s true for developing humans who shed the remnants of a previous stage to make way for a more advanced, more mature stage – a right of passage – it’s simply part of life.

By the time you reach adulthood, you’ve already grown through various stages, anatomically, aesthetically and emotionally.

But you always felt the same age inside, even though people would treat you differently because of obvious physical transitioning markers…

You still feel the same, but the obvious transition markers are the grey hair.

So you then decide to change the perception or old concepts of grey hair entirely

  • What if you can make it seem alluring, attractive, elegant, glamorous, stylish, sophisticated, vibrant… your hair and dressing style
  • What if grey can become the new colour for courage, bravery and authenticity.
Grey is the colour of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom…

Grey hair color should be embraced rather than disgraced. Grey as a universal color is very successfully applied in cars, furniture, decor, clothing – and is without doubt, a colour that can be displayed with absolute sophistication and elegance.

Life is all about growing, developing, gathering more and more knowledge …

More knowledge can only be obtained with time, through aging, and the grey hair then, merely represents maturity, responsibility, and wisdom. It should not be something anyone would want to hide – grey and wisdom go hand in hand.

You can have healthy, lively, shiny, and bouncy shimmering silver-grey hair, and wear it with more confidence, elegance and dignity, showing more authority than ever, knowing you portray an air of nobility and wisdom, courage and bravery.

You can graciously grow greyer and greyer… and still show up feeling healthy, vibrant, energetic, and full of life with a young spirit bubbling to the fore…

So there is absolutely no reason to feel old and frail.

Done right, anyone can pull off a new grey look, especially if you re-make your entire new look – transcending from being ‘out of date’ to being ‘absolutely great’ with beautiful grey hair, elegant and stylish clothing and a gemstone to round off the new look perfectly.

Celebrate this new age of wisdom and your rite of passage into this new role with grey gemstones…
  • Grey Diamonds
  • Grey Spinel
  • Grey Sapphire
  • Grey Tourmaline
  • Grey-Black Tahitian Pearls
  • Grey Akoya Pearls

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