Small Scale Miners of Western Namibia

The origins of Namibian stones reach far back in time. Formed millions of years ago deep in the earth, they hold many stories. Could they speak, they would tell you of manifold climatic changes, mountains rising up from the Earth and folding, lava flowing and aeons of slow weathering by wind and rain and sun.

They would also tell you about beauty. Specific regimes of conditions, temperature, pressure, minerals and elements collaborated along the long Earth journey to produce the magnificent array of colourful gemstones we are familiar with today – like amethyst, clear and smoky quartz, topaz, tourmaline, fluorite and aquamarine.

A hundred per cent Namibian, they have a pure Namibian soul. Adding to their authenticity, they are mined by local miners around the Brandberg, Erongo and Spitzkoppe area, Namibian men and women who work long hours under harsh conditions in the sweltering Namibian sun. For added value, they are cleaned and crafted into jewellery – in Namibia, by Namibians.

Purchasing these authentic Namibian ‘Mine Stones’ in pieces of jewellery supports both the small miners and the craftspeople, and their families. It ensures that all production takes place in Namibia rather than overseas, completing the value chain. Mine Stones often remain uncut in their true form, allowing their natural beauty to be more strongly expressed – and appreciated. The result is, of course, proudly Namibian.

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