Nostalgia, Reflection, Remembering…

Nostalgia is associated with a yearning for something, or someone or some event of the past…

It could be remembering the good old days, or something special that happened in childhood, or simply be remembering someone who died…

Mono no aware – ‘the pathos of things’ – translating as an empathy toward things, or a sensitivity to ephemera, is the Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence, or transience of things.

It is both a transient gentle sadness (or wistfulness – a sadly pensive longing) at their passing, and a longer, deeper gentle sadness and realisation that it is the reality of life, a path we all walk.

Whatever nostalgia is for you – a memorabilia is utterly helpful in dealing with these emotions.

For those dealing with losing someone to death, memorial diamonds maybe an option.

If you just feeling overwhelmed due to change in the world or your own situation read more about the times when we go through rites of passage, moving from one situation to another which is often very emotional and challenging.

Stones perfect to remember someone or something or deal with nostalgia in any way – include:

  • Amber
  • Rose quartz
  • Colour changing garnet
  • Alexandrite
  • Ametrine

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