Memorial Diamonds

Memorial Diamonds – A Symbol of Love and Remembrance

A deceased person’s ashes can be used to make synthetic diamonds to create something to wear close all the time.

The diamond burial is one of the most beautiful and everlasting ways to remember your loved one. A memorial diamond is an eternal symbol of love and remembrance created from the ashes of your loved one.

The memorial or burial diamond, in contrast to a traditional burial, is your very own personal remembrance that you can carry with you in celebration of the life of your loved one.

This precious remembrance – ashes – can be transformed into a beautiful transparent diamond – to keep as a loose stone or to set in a ring, a pendant or other piece of jewelry or memento.

From Ashes to Diamonds – How are Memorial Diamonds created?

In a production facility in Switzerland, memorial diamonds – with the same physical and chemical features as natural diamonds – are created.

To create a memorial diamond, the lab simulate the conditions under which a natural diamond forms over centuries under vast pressure and enormous heat naturally in the earth.

The carbon, isolated solely from the provided cremation ashes, is submitted to a high temperature – high pressure machine. The molecular structure of the carbon first becomes graphite and as more heat and pressure are applied, the atomic structure of the diamond is formed.

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