Mark Your Achievements

It’s a fact that…

Colleagues, competitors and the wider world judge you by your visible successful achievements to decide whether or not your are worthy of their time and consideration.

Different people find different verifications compelling, so there’s obviously a variance in opinion about what holds the greatest weight of achievement, success and performance evidence.

But most agree, achievements could be ephemeral, highly personal and evolve over time or in relation to context.

Nonetheless, clear patterns show mismatches between the achievements that are traditionally viewed as markers of success and the ones that an individual value the most.

The vast majority of people who a healthy interest in securing acknowledgement for their efforts, particularly if it came from individuals or institutions that they themselves rated.

Promotion is an important marker of success for many, although it is more noticeable as a theme amongst academics than non-academics. For those who value promotion, it signify vindication for hard work and validation from peers.

But these are external appraises and acknowledgements that’s fleeting and short lived and soon forgotten when the next project starts.

There is nothing better to show evidence of past achievement and success than fine jewellery pieces worn with confidence, sophistication and grace.

It will always remind you of how far you’ve come and that you are worthy, demonstrating and demanding respect, influence, authenticity, integrity and roundedness.

By wearing a prominent gemstone that portrays everything you stand for without you having to say a word – clearly shows you don’t need validation from anyone, because you made it on your own.

Mouna Al-Rashid, the former wife of a Saudi Arabian billionaire who is now active on the social scene in New York, has a jewelry collection estimated to be worth $100 million.

Rumor has it that the jewelry is due to her shrewd business sense: after every major deal on which she gave her advice, she purchased a major gem. “I enjoy having it more than wearing it,” she told W magazine.

“It is a smart way of investing. I try to buy important pieces that will always bring their market value.”

She owns a staggering emerald necklace and fabulous rubies, which are her trademark.

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