Stone Grading Certificate

A grading certificate contains specific information pertaining to a specific diamond or gemstone. This information will include specifications such as measurements, carat weight, colour, clarity, cut, and internal characteristics of the stone (inclusions or imperfections).

Disclosure is the most fundamental and important step of ethical trade in order to achieve two main goals: standardise rules and nomenclature, and to maintain and perpetuate ethical standards in the industry.

Disclosure codes on the grading report confirm that the stone is in fact a pure stone and not some other material, and whether it has undergone any color or clarity enhancements such as heating, irradiation or laser drilling/fracture filling and more.

With updated treatment information, use of disclosure codes becomes the most reliable means of communicating accurate information concerning a gemstone.

This certification is performed in a gemological laboratory by a Graduate Gemologist (GG) under 10x magnification.

The certificate is often used to determine the value of a stone when doing an appraisal.

Manufactured Jewellery Pieces

Each jewellery piece comes with the finest selection of quality stones and range in colour grade (G-K), Clarity grade (VS-Si) – set with precision, allowing maximum light reflection to enhance each stone’s brilliance.

Valuations, Insurance Appraisals

Each exquisite piece is certified by an accredited appraisal agency.

An appraisal is an estimate of a gemstone’s current monetary value. The value is determined based on the quality of the stone, and the current market conditions.

Appraisals can change over time and need to be updated periodically for changes in market value.

RDL’s expert gemologists will value your diamonds, gemstones, and set jewellery pieces for insurance, probate, family division and market value purposes.

Expert Witness Reports

Expert Witness reports can be provided for solicitors in civil, family division (divorce) and dispute resolution, crime, proceeds of crime, proceeds of crime fraud and counterfeit cases.

RDL treats all discussions, transactions and valuations in the strictest of confidence. RDL works regularly with solicitors, banks, the police and family offices, all of whom value integrity and discretion, so you are assured of a legally compliant, private and professional service.