The jewellery you truly treasure, is far more valuable than the stones and metal that meet the eye. Its intrinsic values connect heart and mind, sparking imagination and conjuring a memory, an emotion, reminding you of how great, worthy and valuable you are.

Create truly unique, exclusive jewellery that you simply won’t find in any other jewellery store. When you buy a high quality loose gemstone for a custom piece of jewelry, both the gem and the jewelry setting will be an expression of your personal taste.

Creating a unique one-a-kind piece of jewellery that can be worn with pride and handed down to your children is an experience unsurpassed.

Being part of the design and manufacturing journey from the start is a very meaningful journey and experience that create memorable memories and personal joy.

RDL helps you create the most beautiful custom fine jewellery 

It becomes a successful combination of good ethical investment in stones, an intricate personalised and meaningful design, a luxurious look and emotional feel – a showpiece of timeless elegance that underlines your personality.

Exclusively for you

RDL pioneers a unique approach to exclusivity with one-of-a-kind pieces with intricate design and exquisite craftsmanship that ignite a symbiotic relationship between you and the jewellery piece, leaving you feeling intrigued and fascinated by the instant emotional connection with its graceful beauty.

Each piece becomes encoded with a specific message of inspiration – specifically chosen by you to bring forth a certain feeling and experience – maybe it’s confidence you want, or power, courage, or prominence, status, influence, strength, acknowledgement, or simply to feel beautiful – or a means for financial security.

Your existing pieces can also be incorporated into completely new designs, giving them new life with a new meaning and special story behind it, maybe to remember a place, person or moment that you have adored.

Perfected manufacturing craftsmanship

RDL works with you and the most suitably artisans for the specific materials chosen and the specific design – RDL will guide you through the entire manufacturing process.

It becomes a synergy of aesthetics, quality, intelligent manufacturing, and perfection that incorporate your everlasting values ​​and qualities.

Combining ancient traditional knowledge of many generations of craftsmanship with new modern technologies, the most advanced industrial production, and a deep knowledge of raw materials, commitment to research, experimentation and innovation with 3D and CAD – RDL’s network of artisans are capable of bringing forth high concept creations with strong aesthetic appeal and durability.

Safe and secure 

RDL is legally compliant and internationally trusted to maintain privacy, discretion and takes security very seriously at each touchpoint; you can thus feel assured, secured and cared for.

RDL’s experience in dealing around the world has given her a reputation of honesty, transparency, integrity and sincerity with happy customers standing testimony to these credentials.


For your own peace of mind, you pay the manufacturer directly, RDL invoice you separately for the 10% commission on sourced stones and 6% on the manufacturing.

This way you know your ownership is undisputed at every level.

The Commissioning Process

When people normally commission a project, they pass on their own precious treasure to RDL – their memories, hopes, dreams, desires and loves. 

And in transforming that into jewellery, RDL wants the experience of collaborating to be a total joy and act of inspiration. Therefore, you’ll be involved throughout the process as your satisfaction is essential.


  • Go to the contact page where you request a meeting
  • RDL will arrange the first engagement to happen online via phone (voice) or video call
  • We’ll discuss your vision, what you would RDL to do, how you want it and by when


  • Each commission process begins with a consultation around the design stages
  • Engagement happens via Skype or Zoom
  • If RDL is in your country at the time you can schedule an in person meeting

Costs + Payments

  • Costs are separated into stages and different departments
  • RDL Commission of 10% on loose stones and 6% manufacturing costs

Costs are quoted based on your specific design concept, precious metals to be used, gemstones specification and manufacturing stages.

Each stage is quoted separately so you can pull out at any time of the process should you not be happy or uncertain about anything, without taking the risk of losing time or money for both parties involved.

Cost and payment stages are thus broken down as follows – and always paid in advance:

Design Stage 1: Carries a paper-hand drawn concept cost 

  • Initial hand drawn concept design which will take approx 5 – 10 days
  • Distinct attention is paid to form, function and comfort
  • You agree on concept and sign off
  • You can change the design up to three times before proceeding to the next step

Design Stage 2: Carries a 3D + CAD cost 

  • Once your design concept has been finalised the paper drawn initial designs are transferred to digital and video presentations on computer aided design (CAD) programs to ensure all bases are covered and clear for manufacturing
  • These are sent to you in 3D multi-angled renderings images and video for your absolute final sign off
  • You can change the design up to three times before proceeding to the next step
  • Take note that this is the last time to change anything as final manufactured pieces will not be changed or refunded
  • You will then be quoted on the final stage of production

Pe-production Stage 3: Carries gemstone sourcing fee which is RDL commission fee of 10%

  • Cost of loose gemstones selected for the manufacturing – which you pay the supplier directly
  • RDL charges 10% commissions on loose gemstones – which you pay directly to RDL

Production Stage 4: Carries a production cost 

  • Your 3D concept design is sent to the manufacturing workshops where highly skilled artisans, goldsmiths, and setters will manufacture and polish off your piece
  • RDL uses some highly skilled crafters in renowned workshops globally
  • You pay the manufacturers directly
  • RDL charges 6% commission on the manufacturing (labour) stage paid directly to RDL

At this point you are also welcome to take these designs to a manufacturer of your choice anywhere in the world. 

If you choose to use a manufacturer of your own, RDL can still supply you with the loose and cut stones which your design requires so you can be ensured of the highest quality and ethical origins.

However, using RDL’s own atelier with certified workshops and highly skilled craftspersons assures of long-standing and approved trusted sources of excellent gemstone, metal quality and expert craftsmanship you may not find anywhere else. 

Quality Control Stage 5: Carries a handling and inspection fee

The piece is sent to RDL quality control division where all craftsmanship and quality of materials are thoroughly inspected to fully comply with your order and to ensure that every piece has been completed with the exact pre-selected loose gemstones, offering you the highest standard in quality -premium standard that warrants buyer confidence and no-risk purchasing.

Certification – Stage 6: Carries a handling and certification fee

  • The appraisal and grading certificates are then prepared, paid for and issued

Delivery – Stage 7: Carries delivery shipping and insurance charges

  • RDL management will contact you and inform you of a specific delivery time and ask for the most suitable delivery address
  • Your package will be carefully prepared, secured and insured – to be picked up from RDL place of operations by the courier 
  • You personally must take delivery of the item for security purposes
  • Should you really be not available, you must ensure that a responsible person can sign for it upon delivery with his/her personal identification documents on hand. You must supply this detail before delivery takes place 
  • An RDL representative will contact you afterwards to ensure that you’ve received your package in good order
  • If the package arrives damaged in any way – do not open it as insurance will then not cover it

Inside your package will be:

  • Your beautifully crafted jewellery piece
  • The certificate of authenticity
  • Appraisal certificate
  • A list of stones and metals used in the design and where it was sourced from
  • The stories behind the stone’s origin and the crafters (persons) who made it

How long will it all take?

  • Hand drawn designs take about 5-10 days
  • CAD designs 5-10 working days
  • Manufacturing – Expect your piece to arrive within four to 12 weeks from when manufacturing started to delivery – depending on the intricacy of the design.
  • This may vary, depending on the intricacies of your design, but delivery times will be clearly communicated
  • Delivery – between 5 to 10 days from pickup from RDL to you


RDL would love to hear how you experience your treasures, so please stay in contact.

When you are 100% satisfied we welcome referrals and when you do send us a new client, RDL is happy to include a referral commission.