Rizél De’Lano (RDL) is a diamond and coloured gemstone broker, dealer and designer who sources stones for clients.

Because RDL’s networks stretch globally, she can source diamonds, coloured stones and fine jewellery cheaper than the price you would pay in any shop, because it’s supplied by the wholesale suppliers directly and there are no or very little overheads involved.

It is this circle of trust in the entire network, from miners and local agents, to wholesalers, to RDL – a supply chain formed over many years – that gives you access into this very private market.

You are given the assurance of the stones’ quality and provenance – from their original source deep under the crusts of earth, securely transported to you.

When you chose the stones you like, you pay the wholesaler directly and RDL invoices you separately for the 10% commission – total transparency of cost and who you deal with.

All stones are all guaranteed non-conlict and certificated.

RDL comes trusted and highly recommended – and generates most businesses from previous clients’ referrals and recommendations.

RDL business model includes a low-overhead structure, and a worldwide network, where she works on your behalf to negotiate the best rates possible so you have confidence in knowing you only get the best service.

RDL also helps you produce your own heirloom pieces and assist you through the entire concept phase, design and manufacturing phases, till the final product emerges.

Please visit the Fine Jewellery page for more information.

RDL works with the finest gemstone cutters, suppliers, and jewellery maisons in Cape Town (South Africa), London (UK), New York (USA), Paris (France), Milan and Rome (Italy), Antwerp (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Bangkok, (Thailand) Jaipur and Mumbai (India), Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai (China), Sydney (Australia), Yellowknife (Canada), Russia, AND Istanbul (Turkey).