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Rizél De’Lano


Why buy loose stones?

Better cost value – full control over the quality, colour and cut – incredible freedom of choice

High quality, beautiful lesser known gemstones are almost impossible to find in most stores, which means, shopping at a retail jeweller limits your options.

The reason why retail jewelers stock only a small number of colored stones is that many varieties are in short supply and there’s simply not enough to supply the retail channel.

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Jewellery design and redesign

Most of the jewellery retail stores do not manufacture unique jewellery themselves, or they do, but then make dozens or hundreds of the same piece of jewelry.

Create truly unique, exclusive jewellery that you simply won’t find in any other jewellery store. When you buy a high quality loose gemstone for a custom piece of jewelry, both the gem and the jewelry setting will be an expression of your personal taste.

Creating a unique one-a-kind piece of jewellery that can be worn with pride and handed down to your children is an experience unsurpassed. Being part of the design and manufacturing journey from the start is a very meaningful journey and experience that create memorable memories and personal joy.

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RDL’s commitment to service, a passion for gemstones, fine jewellery, unique design concepts, and industry experience make RDL a trusted partner in your search for valuable, beautiful stones – and for the design and manufacturing of jewellery.